Case Studies  

1. Barclays Bank, Head Office, Lombard Street, London
  • required - bespoke shaped brass covers and rails for reception, signs and handrails
  • L D Fabrications made a thorough site survey to assess the project, templates were produced for approval
  • customer comment - John Howard said “ further to your work in providing the brass finishing to the rail mounted reception signs at Lombard Street, I wanted to pass on the feedback that I have received from our client: they are particularly pleased with the result. Thank you for your positive contribution to this project”.

2. Toyota

  • Required - stillages to transport Toyota glass windscreens without damage from rubbing together and becoming scratched, at the same time with the need to be secure. 50 stillages would be needed in 6 weeks after a proto-type was developed, tested and approved.
  • The proto-type was approved within a week and the stillages were produced with time to spare.
  • Customer comment - J Walkland (logistics engineer) “I would like to express our thanks for the completion of our Toyota Corolla door glass stillages. Although our deadlines were tight, you have successfully managed to produce all our stillages in time for our Toyota production. Thank you for your efforts”.

example of sign

example of stillage

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